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Technical Support Information

We are working hard on a new and improved Patient Portal. 

Please come back on Tuesday, October 27th to find a new design that will be patient friendly and easier to navigate. 

If you are currently registered on the Patient Portal, be on the lookout for an email invite. 

Important Information:

·          When you are reviewing your demographic information, you may notice that your race/ethnicity and your Care Team Providers may be incorrect. We are fully aware of the issue and are working diligently to correct it for you. Rest assured your medical record is correct. The error arises when the information is being migrated over to the Patient Portal from your chart.

·          If you are still experiencing the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) incompatibility issue, follow the instructions listed below to change your compatibility settings in Internet Explorer, this should allow you to view our site and should fix the issue for you. Click Here for Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: Why can't I register when using my mobile device?  

A: At the present time, you can only create a new patient account if using a Desktop or Laptop computer, o nce you have registered you then will be able to access your account via mobile devices.

Q: Why do I get an unsupported browser message?  

A: If you are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer - Windows no longer supports your Operating System. You will need to try using Google Chrome or Firefox to access the patient portal correctly.

Q: What browsers are currently supported by the patient portal?  

A: Acceptable Browsers:  

·          Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 (Windows only)

·          Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)

·          Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)

·          Apple Safari (Windows, Mac) 

Q. Why do I receive a "Non-Supported Browser" error message?  

A: Windows no longer supports Windows XP or Internet Explorer 8. You will need to either update your computer or use another browser that might be supported.

Q. Where do I go if I want to download Google Chrome or Firefox Browsers?  

A: Just click on the links below and you'll be routed to the providers download page.

·          Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)

·          Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)

How to ensure the best Portal Experience:

Internet Explorer

1. Make sure that your pop up blocking is set to allow pop-ups from our website.  

From your menu bar, select Tools:

1.        Then, Pop-Up Blocker

2.        Then, Pop-Up Blocker Settings

3.        Address of website to allow: https://floridamedicalclinic.portalforpatients.com

2. Verify that your antivirus and/or anti-spyware software is not blocking the patient portal.

3. Add the patient portal to your trusted sites list in your Browser’s Security Setting.

From your menu bar, select Tools:

1.        Select Internet Options

2.        Then, Security

3.        Then, Trusted Sites

4.        Click the Sites radiobutton

5.        Add this website to the zone: https://floridamedicalclinic.portalforpatients.com

o     At the bottom of the Trusted Sites, there is a box – “Require server verification for all sites in this zone.” (UNCHECK this box).

o     Click ADD to the right (This site should also be shown in the Websites: area).

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome

1.        Type chrome://chrome/settings in the address bar

2.        Choose Settings

3.        Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click the link “Show Advanced Settings,

o     Continue to scroll down the page slowly until you see the Privacy area.

4.        Under the Privacy area click/open the Content Settings.

5.        This will open a dialogue box in front of the Settings area.

6.        Under the Cookies area click Manage Exceptiions

7.        In the Hostname Pattern field type in https://floridamedicalclinic.portalforpatients.com

8.        Verify that the Behavior is set to Allow, click OK


Open your Firefox internet browser.

1.        Tools

2.        Firefox Options

3.        Security Tab

4.        Within the Security Tab click on the first (top) Exceptions Button.(This opens the list of sites that you are "trusting" to allow access to.)

5.        Address of website: https://floridamedicalclinic.portalforpatients.com

6.        Click Allow to the right, The site should now be shown in the Site area.


Go to Settings

1.        Block Pop-ups (Our site is viewable with the iPad and iPhone without having to change the settings.